Rica Recycling has dedicated over 20 years to electronics waste recycling. As innovators in the recycling industry, we aim to dynamically change the way we recycle electronic waste in the San Francisco Bay Area in a sustainable and economical way.


Our Mission

To encourage the world to raise their standards of reduction, recycling, and reuse through providing economic and efficient ways for individuals and companies to safely and responsibly recycle electronics.

Rica Recycling has been a trusted business partner of ERC for over a decade. We handle the proper recycling of their CRT monitors and televisions. It’s been amazing to see their growth over the past couple of years.
— Russ Schinzing, President of E-Recycling of California

100% Landfill Free Policy

Rica Recycling works along side with a community of EPA approved and R2 Certified electronic waste recycling companies in California to ensure that none of the electronic waste processed in our facilities end up in landfills. Our state of the art recycling process allows us to abstract precious metals or salvage working electronics for resale online.    

The precious metals from recycling electronics are remanufactured or reprocessed into commodities and new products, including steel, aluminum, copper, lead, circuit boards, plastics, and glass. Recycling materials from end-of-life electronic goods conserves natural resources used to manufacture the goods, and consequently, reduces greenhouse gasses emitted from resource extraction and disposal of the goods in landfills.


In addition to the improvement of the quality of our environment, we are proud to support our local community through non-profits and charities. In turn, these organizations give back to our local community. By supporting us, you are supporting them and the work they do for the Bay Area. 

We also work with local governments and organizations to host electronic waste pick-up events. Because California law encourages recycling, many companies are glad to have a convenient way to dispose of their electronics. Our salvage process and online store allows us to offer many of our services for free.